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We have managed properties as landlords and property services specialists for 20 years

We have run this business in France for 10 years , plus a UK Property Management business for 22 years ( www,LaidlawTenantServices.co.uk )

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Summary of Services - English & French Edition

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We are registered as a business in France , with registration number (SIRET Registration - 523 096 055 000 18 )

Registered Owner : Alan I LAIDLAW

Registered Address : 8 rue Ferdinand Brunetière , Las Planas , Saint Cyprien , 66750 , France

APE (L'activité principale exercée) : 9609Z Autres services


We are a fully insured business , with business cover for any accidents or damage done whilst working on your property

Current Business Insurance : We are insured with one of France's largest insurers MACIF , contract no: 20000015140


We are a family owned and run business , in Property Services since 1995

We have been running a Property Management business in the Roussillon since 2008 , with many loyal clients who know our work , and have high trust in our reliability & communication

We have many years experience of managing our own ,and also our clients small property portfolios . Typical works have included preparing or refreshing apartments & villas for rental tenants , in the UK and France .

Years of experience of all the Project Management , time & budget constraints that are typical in this business.

We can deliver most of the small services ourselves (petits traxaux) , or use external tradesmen , where required ( e.g. Registered Electrician , Insured Plumbing / Gas fitting ) . We use local French tradesmen from the area , as this leads to better relationships , and quicker repair actions.

Experience of keyholding for property owners , providing contracts , turnaround services between tenants , and preparing properties for holiday rentals.

We know the Perpignan & coastal area very well , and have a network of local contacts , cleaners , tradesmen , and associated trades to call on demand.

Our key commitment to all our clients is that we are 100% dependable and above all trustworthy and honest.

We aquired a local firm in March 2011 , adding to our existing services and skills available .

Please feel free to call us to discuss further , or meet up when you are in the area


(mobile) +33 (0)


Building & Property Works

Alan's family have been successful building contractors in Glasgow ,, Scotland for 4 generations , (James Laidlaw & Sons Ltd.) his father being a Director and quantity Surveyor . His father , like all his family were also fully apprenticed and skilled craftsmen . Many of these skills which were passed on to Alan , eg :skills and management of building contractors and carpentry . (ie Masons/builders , plumbers , carpenters , tilers , etc)

Managing Tenants & Maintenance

  • Both have run a successful PropertyServices business in the South East of England since 1990 , and managed 25 rental properties in portfolio ( www.laidlawtenantservices.co.uk

French Administration

French Language skills

Both speak French , Above UK A-level (or International C.E.F.R. Level B1) (and are integrated into local French community with many French friends and neighbours ) , plus have experience of most French of the Administrative processes and contacts

Bi-lingual / Teaching

Janet is a also professor in English , working for the local council in Saint Cyprien & Perpignan area

French Administration

They can recommend Notaires (legal) , Tax (impots ) , and accountants , plus specialists in other fields of French bureaucracy / finance who speak English plus French.

We have worked with most French Public sector , health , car , tax authorities , and understand most proccesses required here in France