Pool Services

Open up for new season

  • Remove leaves
  • Vacuum pool bottom
  • Brush algae off sidewalls
  • Add chemicals to get correct PH/chlorine balance
  • Backwash
  • Take to swim ready state & leave on timer , running crystal clear
  • Buy and replace any broken parts / user parts required in season

Keep pool blue and clear in summer

  • Regular pool visit to maintain the pool during rental/occupation periods
  • Vacuum & brushing
  • Algae removal & treatment
  • Add chemicals to maintain pool clear
  • Instruct users (renters) on basic pool user maintenance
  • Call in experts in case of emergency

Shut down and Winterize at end of season

Remove all debris , leaves etc

Get pool correctly chemically balanced


Add winterizing chemicals

Replace cover against the winter weather , dust , leaves etc

Off season Specific repair actions

  • Repair any issues identified in season , as repair experts are more available off season
  • Site visits after very heavy rain to avoid over flooding into your garden / patio

Examples of recent clients